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                    About Us

                    Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in July 2010, is a key investment attracting enterprise of Jilin Municipal government and Economic Development zone government. The company is located in Jilin City, the only one that the name is the same with Province in China. It is located at No.138 Zhengda street, Jilin Economic Development Zone, a national development zone. The plant covers 180,000 square meters of floor area, The registered capital of Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is RMB 144 million.

                    Our company has some production lines, including a Vitamin E production line of which the capacity is 10000mt/year, matching a Vitamin E powder production line of which the capacity is 16000mt/year, a Sulfonamide series production line of which the capacity is 2000mt/year and a Taurine production line of which the capacity is 3000mt/year. Meantime, the construction and completion of power transformation and distribution station, sewage pretreatment station, fire fighting circulating water station, accident buffer pool, hydrogen generation station and heat transfer oil station are completed.

                    Advanced production technology and manufacturing process are adopted in the production aspect, and some of the process technology and equipments have reached the international advanced level.

                    Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is always adhered to the aim of “Quality utmost ,Reputation based”, and build up the outstanding enterprise management regulation and quality management system, At the same time, a high level analysis laboratory has been established. ISO9001、ISO22000 certifications and FAMI-QS certification are acquired.Our company is advantage to continuous technological innovation and excellent cost control. Thus, we are capable to focus on the aspects of animal nutrition and health, food additives as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in order to provide premium products and service to customers all over the world.